5 Best and Effective Tips To Overcome Laziness | आलस दूर करने के तरीके

5 Best and Effective Tips To Overcome Laziness | आलस दूर करने के तरीके


Hello friends how are you all? Hope you all are well and doing great where you are in present. I am here with a new blog post in which i am going to share 5 best and effective tips to overcome laziness, ways to overcome laziness in studies, biblical ways to overcome laziness, top 10 ways to overcome laziness, scientific ways to overcome laziness, 6 ways to overcome laziness, 7 ways to overcome laziness, how to overcome of laziness, how to overcome severe laziness, how to overcome laziness at home, how to overcome spiritual laziness, what the bible says about laziness, 7 causes of laziness, how to overcome laziness while studying, how to overcome laziness essay, how to stop being lazy and unmotivated, how to overcome laziness quora, too lazy to do anything, how to stop being lazy in bed. 7 Interesting Girls Facts

5 Effective Ways To Overcome Laziness

5 Best and Effective ways to overcome laziness are as follows. Read them carefully and implment in your own life and see the wondering changes on you. How To Become Smarter Than Others

1. 5 Second Rule

Whenever something comes in the mind like drinking water, going to toilet, sitting to eat food, going for exercise, sitting for work or going to bath.

So get up quickly in 5 seconds because by lying down for 5 seconds, your slow will find some excuse or the other to do it later.

Next time whatever you do, just count to 5 and get up to do that work.

2. 1% Rule

If you are learning any thing but are not able to stay on it for long because that work seems big then atleast make this system that at least 1% then you have to learn something daily even if only 5 minutes read it. But it should not be even a day like this you  did not learn even 5 minutes, . It is better to do something than to do nothing.

3. Pomodoro Technique

This technique is very effective for those who work sitting in one place. Whenever you sit to read or do some work, set an alarm for 20 to 25 minutes, this will not make you lazy because you have to sit only for 25 minutes, then when the alarm rings, take a break of 5 minutes, in which you can call Yes or you can go outside. Why to do this? Because only that 5 minute break gives you productivity.

4. Deadline and Calendar Work

If there is a deadline for any work, then the chances are very high that that work is not delayed and use Google Calendar well, write some work in advance in every date and keep an eye on the calendar all the time. 

5. Fool Your Mind

You will also know that whenever you sit down to do some work, there is no laziness after that, but only once in sitting there is laziness. For example: After going to the gym, there is no laziness, it comes only to go to the gym. There is no laziness in reading the book, it is just laziness to open the book, so do it for that, understand in advance that I have to do only two pushups, I only have to spend 10 minutes time in the gym, while doing this your brain will act. And when you get started, who knows, start doing more than that.

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